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About Us

At the Graham Agencies our passion is to serve our community and working class families by providing custom-tailored financial products and benefits that are designed to protect assets. We pride ourselves in our commitment to better our community, our clients lives, and our employees lives. 


We strive to constantly develop strong and prosperous managers by providing the best training and maintaining an upbeat and successful atmosphere. 

Greg Graham
State Director

When Greg Graham graduated in 2004 from Temple University with a degree in elementary education, he likely thought his career path was set. But the future had something else in store. After teaching elementary school for seven years, he knew he needed to make a change. When he saw the amazing success his wife and sister-in-law had with American Income Life Insurance Company (AIL) , he joined AIL in 2011 as a Corporate Trainer and moved into sales in early 2013.  “Moving from Agent to SGA in four years has been one of my greatest achievements with AIL,” says Greg, “in addition to experiencing what ‘Opportunity Unlimited’ really means. It’s tremendously rewarding to help so many other people grow in their careers and accomplish their goals while helping people in the communities we service. Our products provide financial security and peace of mind.”

Alex Graham
General Manager
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Alex Graham graduated from the Fox School of Business at Temple University.  She started her business career as an outsides sales representative for ADP.  After seeing her sister have a lot of success at American Income Life, Alex decided to leave her current position and pursue opportunity unlimited. Since December of 2009, Alex has went from a career agent to a Master General Agent, managing several different offices. She couldn't be happier with the decision she made back in 2009 to truly feel that she is paid what she is worth. What attracted her most to AIL was knowing that her individual work ethic and drive would be rewarded with growth and financial opportunity.


Jordan Hallman
General Manager

Jordan Hallman graduated with a dual degree from East Strousburg University.  After studying Sociology and Criminal Justice the plan was to go off to law school.  Jordan, however, got the call of a lifetime to play in the NFL.  He played for the Ravens and Jets.  After his time in the NFL, Jordan was granted the blessing in having a younger sister born with autism that led him to pursue a career in social work specializing in mental health.  “I always wanted to help families through trying times”, Jordan says.  Jordan worked in the field for a few years before interviewing with the TEAM on his 27th birthday.  He’s most proud of moving quickly through the leadership ranks and loves any time his TEAM performs well enough to be recognized on an international level.  The best part of the organization is the leadership and coaching that are provided and the amount of room for aggressive growth.  Jordan embraces the opportunity to let his “on the field” mentality out in the business world.  His advice:  “Immerse yourself in the culture here, the only thing that you missing is the rest of your life!”

Cyan Kissinger
General Manager

Cyan Kissinger graduated from Indiana Institute of Technology in 2014 with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Sports Management.  Coaching and mentoring was always a part of Cyan’s DNA coaching baseball and softball from the teeball ages and currently with a 16U tournament league.  After working in the service industry for six years, Cyan decided it was time for a change.  She sought a career that would allow her the opportunity to focus on coaching more.  Cyan started with the company in 2017 as a representative.  Her greatest accomplishment thus far is moving from an entry level representative to a General Manager position in less than a year and a half.  Cyan says this professional advancement is, in part, due to the amount of support she’s received since joining the TEAM.  She greatly enjoys the privilege to go out and help families to protect their legacies for themselves and future generations and finds it to be very rewarding.  Her advice:  Don’t hesitate!  Jump in and take advantage of the opportunity that is being provided to you!

Anthony Almeida
General Manager

Anthony Almeida was born in Jersey City, New Jersey.  He moved to Halzeton, PA as a junior in high school.  From there Anthony went on to pursue a degree in Urban Missions from the University of Valley Forge.  After graduating, Anthony built a Youth Center to help get teens off the street and teach them life skills and help to mentor them.  He then moved on to work for Amazon as a staff manager for many years but began to search for something bigger and better.  Anthony started with the TEAM in October of 2017 not knowing what to expect.  He says that accepting the position has been “one of the best decisions I’ve ever made”.  He found that he’s been able to more than double his income but he enjoys the service minded mentality of working with families in the community to be sure they are properly protected.  Anthony’s advice:  “If it were easy, everyone would do it.  So if you’re a hard working individual that’s competitive, want to get paid what you’re worth and love having a TEAM to work with, then this is where you want to be!”

Dan Schwartz
General Manager

Dan Schwartz grew up in Philadelphia and for a long time felt unsure about where he wanted his career path to take him.  Dan worked as a lifeguard and a pool manager for the better part of a decade and then moved on to be a professional tour manager for a couple of bands.  In his late 20’s, Dan moved to Colorado to work as a co-owner in a hot air balloon business.  When moving back to Pennsylvania, Dan was searching for what he was going to do next.  Dan has known Greg Graham, agency owner, for over 25 years.  Dan saw the success that Greg and his wife, Alex, were having and became curious.  He wasn’t sure if a career in financial services was for him due to his lack of background in the field.  However, he felt that his passion for helping others reach their goals and potential was something that would translate well.  With the TEAM, Dan feels like he has the privilege to do that on a daily basis now.  15 months with the TEAM and multiple promotions, Dan says he’s excited to see what the years to come have in store for him.  LET’S GROW!

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